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“We publish books by authors who think “outside-the-box” of paranormal reality TV and a ghost hunt mentality…”


Our contemporary world is not centered on what is perceived as reality in the West. That is too ethnocentric. Similarly, the definition of (and distinction between) life and death are not solely based on Western scientific realities. That is very egocentric. There is so much more to the world, reality, and the concept of “life” than what we read, hear about, view, and learn from various mediated forms.
Out there, beyond the “box” constructed by a materialist science, there is an entirely different social realm. This is an “other” culture. It is a “ghost culture”, but it too exists today. It is a culture that is grounded in thousands of years of experienced situational encounters. This quite sensible and perceivable world is an old way of looking at the world, and sensing “who” is still there amongst us.


That journey back to the old continues in the “ghost excavations” in the works that are published at Ghost Excavation Books, Inc.™©


What we do to assist and guide authors:


In publishing your book, we will recommend and suggest layout, create a front and back cover;  we will do the pagination as well as edit and proofread your book(s); we will promote your published book(s) at conferences; we will recommend book signing schemes and advise you on strategies by other means of conveyances in promoting your book(s); we will not share nor exploit your work.  This IS YOUR “intellectual property”.


You are not charged for this service.  We will charge a fee to you for each book you order.  This fee will be based on publishing costs and will approximately be $1.00 to $3.00/book depending on the size of the manuscript.  There are no other “hidden” costs or “fees”.  We would like you to donate one book for our library although this is not necessary.  There will be shipping and handling costs which will depend on the size of the order and the urgency in getting the books to you.  The final cost of the book to you will be the publishing costs as dictated by the printer plus our nominal fee and shipping and handling.


To send in an abstract or table of contents of your work, please send as an attachment to:  We reserve the right to accept or decline your book for publication.  This will be based on the ability of your work to be a logical and understanding outline of your research.  Any returned abstract or table of contents is your property.  We retain no legal rights to your work.   We will write and sign a written agreement to this if you so wish.


— John Sabol and Mary Becker

Ghost Excavation Books, Inc.,™© is a division of C.A.S.P.E.R Research Center™©