The “Ghost Excavation” Code of Research

“I here live, and do not scramble to fit myself to the requirements of others”.

~~~Flinders Petrie, renowned Egyptologist.


  • ~~If you want the same old “phantom” philosophy, you won’t find it here.


  • ~~We believe that too much (field) work is never an issue.


  • ~~Our spatial reality is cultural expression, not physical measurement.


  • ~~We follow past spatial symmetries, and the concept of “unfolding” temporalities.


  • ~~We S.E.E. (Sensory Ethnographic Engagement) and H.E.A.R. (Haunting Excavations and Acoustemological Research) differently than most “ghost hunts”.


  • ~~We don’t investigate as much as excavate.


  • ~~When we excavate, we do not placate, we reiterate.


  • ~~We dig-deep to uncover the “dirt” of a past haunting situation.


  • ~~We don’t “watch and wait”. We engage.


  • ~~We “sell” contextual (and resonating) scientific performances, not “ghost gear”.


  • ~~We emphasize the importance of cultural performance over environmental readings.


  • ~~We offer “excavating” field practices, not “ghost tourism” or “para-celebrity” events.


  • ~~“Ghost tech” is no guarantee of “ghost connect”!