Transductive Manifestation

Here is a very unique audio EOC (Ethnography of Communication) and goes counter to usual ‘ghost hunting’ practices of asking questions such as “Is anyone here?”  In this recording, it is a past presence who asks the question!  This is a transductive manifestation.

Click here: Captain is that you Captain


Adrian MacKenzie – London:  Continuum, in his book Transductions:  Bodies and Machines at Speed states (2002):

 “To think transductively is to mediate between different orders, to place heterogeneous realities in contact, and to become something different” (2002.18)

This is a different way of knowing a haunting, a different manner of documenting it, and a different perception of contemporary cultural reality.  This transducer approach is a tool by which the fieldworker can view the transmission of energy (EOC) or information (a soldier’s question) from one subsystem (Inherent Military Probability of the culture of war during the American Civil War) into another (ghost excavation) this is a process that connects previously unconnected subsystems of data and verification.  The process also creates a morphic field of resonance that builds upon the connection and relationship, such that further transductive processes become easier and further expand the system to other sensory venues, spaces, and temporalities.  The EOC (“Captain, is that you Captain”?), recorded on Burnside Bridge during a “ghost excavation” was a transductive manifestation.  Its occurrence was unanticipated but the question resonated with our previous scenario, the “Roll Call of the Dead of the 11th Connecticut”.