Sounds of a Battlefield Still Resonating at Antietam…


Antietam - Rohrbach Bridge  During the peripatetic walk (a sensory awareness walk-through done before contextual scenarios are enacted), Investigator Mike Stevenson had an “anomalous” episode with a canteen.  Mike was speaking to fellow investigator  Timothy Manvel about the canteen.  What is interesting are the multiple layers of sounds going on simultaneously – past-present-future.  This incident occurred at the First Ghost Excavation at Rohrbach/Burnside Bridge in September, 2010.  (Photo credit:  John Sabol.  Audio credit:  Herman (Mike) Stevenson)

Battle Sounds – Canteen – Mike Stevenson & Timothy Manvel




This is the soundscape that we recorded during our scenarios of the Union assaults up the road toward Burnside Bridge. You will hear multiple levels of sounds occurring simultaneously: 1. the recording of the residual sounds of battle; 2. the sounds of insects in the nearby field; 3. our investigative proprioceptive movements; and 4. a plane overhead. This is a recording of time overlapping onto itself: past (battle), present (crickets), and future (plane flying overhead entering the soundscape about 20 seconds later). In the final moments of the recording, we have recorded past, present, and future occurring simultaneously.  Battle Scenario – Rohrbach Road – Union Avenue of Approach



Contextual Scenario enacted at the wall.  During ghost excavations, rarely do we ask questions unless it is contextual to the scenario. This is an interesting audio to listen to as it was recorded not only on one audio recorder, but on the PSB7 box with audio recorder SIMULTANEOUSLY.  We also had a Park Ranger on duty with the team as it was after hours.  This not only ensures our safety as an escort, but also for asking his expertise and for the documentation of natural sounds coming from the surrounding area.  Time was approximately 12 midnight.  (Photo credit:  Mary Becker.  Audio credits:  Jonathan Williams and Cathy “Cat” Gasch) 1) thompson-cannon-guns  (2) Sounds of battle II….


Cemetery Marker - Pvt. John Thompson

 Cemetery Marker of Private John Thompson.

His remains are still there at Sharpsburg, Maryland….