Additional Photos – Ghost Excavation at Rohrbach Bridge, Antietam National Battlefield

John is giving direction for the next scenarios.  Bigg Jim is to return to the Confederate side of Rohrbach Bridge (Burnside) and Mary is to read a letter from a doctor to his wife.  The doctor was with the 11th Connecticut and towards the back of the lines.






Cold spots were felt in same area by two separate teams during their peripatetic walk.  Mike is setting up audio and visual as Bigg Jim does a scenario speaking as an officer to his soldiers to resonate and obtain evidence.


John is reading the soldiers’ names for “Roll Call” off the plaque.  When John called the name Private Lewis Dayton , investigator Gary French listening to the six-second delay recorder heard, “Present”.  John was able to continue with the scene using a directed performance “targeting” Private Dayton.  This is the final “P.” of the P.O.P. (Perform-Observe-Participate) process.