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Paranormal News – Do You Believe?  “Haunting The Past” by, Jeff Behnke, November 3, 2012 — (“…John Sabol Jr, in his writings, believes the trick is to ‘participate’ in the past, almost as if you are a ghost from the future haunting the past by performing a ritual of sorts to get in contact with it and learn about their context…)

I Hate/Love My City (Atlanta, GA), “Fandom Friday:  July Dragon*Con Guest Update”, by wOOt fan cee_m, July 1, 2011 — (“...Authors…John Sabol – Archaeologist, Cultural Anthropologist, and author, John Sabol is known as the “Ghost Excavator”. He is the author of 12 books on the paranormal, and is a professional actor.)

Cleveland Paranormal Examiner (Cleveland, OH), “Summer Ghost Investigation Fun” by Brian Parsons, May 22, 2011 — (“…The Ghost Excavation of Madison Seminary” with special guest John Sabol….”) (Haunted Places Examiner), “At The Shanley, Ghosts Check In But Never Check Out” by Sharon K. Grossman, June 8, 2010 — (“…On this visit, the team experimented with Paranormal Investigator John Sabol’s P.O.P. Method in which props are used to recreate a timeframe in history. They threw a party of the era (1944), dressed in period clothing, and invited all of the spirits to attend as if they were guests in the hotel…”)

ParaNexus Blog – From the Desk of Brian Parsons, “The Power of Belief in Paranormal Investigation” by Brian Parsons on August 22, 2010 —;bact=memberart;member=465;blogid=13;article=99;err=0;brr=0;comment=0;tag=0;where=Member_Article (“Today I was a speaker at the second annual Ohio Paranormal Convention here in Dayton alongside John Sabol, the Ghost Excavator, and many time guest of the ParaNexus Universe. I noticed a common theme this year at the convention that was touched by only a few…”)

ParaNexus Blog – From the Desk of Brian Parsons, “Are We Ruining Ghost Hunting Sites?” by Brian Parsons, February 20, 2010 — (“…I’ve been fortunate to listen to actor/archaeologist/cultural anthropologist John Sabol speak earlier this year at the Ohio Paranormal Convention in Dayton, Ohio…”)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh, PA) , “Ghost Hunters Go to Great Lengths In Search of the Paranormal” by Robin Acton, October 26, 2008 - (“…Several miles from where “Most Haunted Live:  Gettysburg” were filming with hundreds of spectators gathered on the surrounding sidewalks, Sabol and his team of investigators worked for more than two hours in thick trees where the men of Company G of the 15th Alabama regiment met death at the hands of Union soldiers….”)

The Progress (Clearfield, Curwensville, Philipsburg, and Moshannon Valley, PA), Paranormal Research Society Helps People With Hauntings” by  Jeff Corcino, October 27, 2007 — (Article:  “…Research into paranormal phenomenon is becoming a burgeoning activity with more and more people using scientific concepts and ideas in their search for ghosts and spirits…”), “Homan House, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:  A Preliminary Reportby John Sabol, October 20, 2006 (“…In a previous article, I had talked about the distinction between an emic (haunting context) perspective, and the etic analysis (investigator’s) of anomalous sensory manifestations at haunted locations…“), “Natural Selection and the Involution of the Gettysburg Ghosts” by John Sabol, February 8, 2006 — (“…This article proposes that ghostly phenomena occurs at a location due to the existence of activity and/or event fields, including rhythmic behavioral movements, (such as walking, reading, and gazing) that are repeating over and over again in a given area…”), “Ethnoarchaeoghostology:  A Humanistic-Scientific Approach to the Study of Haunt Phenomena” by John Sabol, June 19, 2006 — (“…Hauntings are past integrated systems of contextual sensory assemblages. They are not isolated sense “attributes,” be they visual (orb”, mists, tracers, ectoplasm, shadow people, etc.), auditory (footsteps, EVP recordings, etc.), tactile sensations or olfactory scents…”),“Theatre, Seance, and the Ghost Script:  Performances at Haunted Locations” by John Sabol, May 5, 2006 — (“…Theatre and theatrical productions contain the same ritual resonating elements as a séance: Both are social events between a performer and a “targeted” audience. They usually occur within the context of a darkened location in a specific area…”)