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Ghost Excavation: EOCs (EVPS) – The Brunswick Railroad Museum


Examples of EOCs (EVPs) During the Ghost Excavation

at The Brunswick Railroad Museum

John Explaining A Scenario to the Investigators

John Sabol, in front of the doorway, was giving instructions for a scenario on the second floor hall area of the museum when this EOC was recorded.  You will hear two different voices – John’s and an unidentified male voice.  According to Herman (Mike) Stevenson, the EOC appears to be a class 1 electronic voice with a fundamental frequency of 753 htz and a top frequency of 1186 htz.  It is possible to fake an EOC or EVP by coincidence of frequency.  If it was, it would have been heard by others.  None of the investigators heard the voice live.  (Photo credit:  Misty Bastian)

REC006-000304401-000311401 (EOC credit:  Herman (Mike) Stevenson)




School Children

This scenario involves the wall photo of Brunswick school children from the late 1800s, early 1900s.  In the display are other school-related items that include books, desks, a Benjamin Franklin stove, etc., from the era.  Investigators Misty Bastian, Linda Good, and Mary Becker (Miss Mary) portrayed schoolmarms starting the school day with The Pledge of Allegiance and continued with other school activities.  The only man in the area was Investigator Herman (Mike) Stevenson who was listening in on RT-EVP audio and did not participate vocally.  Below are two versions of the EOC.   (1) is the longer version with Miss Mary introducing herself; (2) is concentrating on the voice speaking to Miss Mary.  Apparently a male adult was not happy with Miss Mary…(Photo credit:  John Sabol)

(1) REC005-002408441-002416501EVP+24.wav (EOC credit:  Herman (Mike) Stevenson)

(2) REC005-002408441-idontlikemissmary (EOC credit:  Herman (Mike) Stevenson)