Project Framework – Ghost Excavations, Part IV

A haunted location is an external memory environment that is a collective resource of multiple levels of cultural/behavioral expressions. The phenomenon that manifest here do not interpret themselves. This site must be approached by a conscious mind that understands material remains as cultural behavioral patterns, not “bleeps” on electronic devises, nor recordings of audio/visual “anomalies”.

Spaces here can be storage devises and/or transmittal zones to percolating past expressions of culture. But, at any one point of occurrence, the “signal” stored in any memory medium (cultural/historical) has to be engaged and communicated with in order to come “alive” in the form of active cognition (rather than mere residual energy).

Please join me in developing new models of cultural resonating scenarios directed at particular strata of past presence and cultural uncertainties. Together, let’s build teams of investigators that will work, participating and performing in fieldwork operations involving the unearthing of these interactive presences.

Let’s also educate the general public and the serious, but inexperienced, investigator on the importance of “ghost excavations”, not the “fluff” that is characteristic of many “ghost hunting” field operations!