Antietam, Audio – Rohrbach (Burnside) Bridge – Examples During A “Ghost Excavation”

June 2011 Ghost Excavation at Antietam:

Background: John Sabol, along with the team, were preparing a scenario of the charge at Rohrbach Bridge (Burnside).  As you listen, you will note that none present were aware of the question.  Audio example – Captain question – Confederate Side Rohrbach Bridge – Mike S.

Background: After the scenarios with the men were completed, John Sabol had the women do their scenarios.  [This is due to the fact that no women were present during the battle at Rohrbach Bridge.] For this scenario Mary Becker portrayed the wife a surgeon reading an actual letter he sent to her (his wife) regarding the battle.  Much activity occurred while reading the letter but this was quite amazing.  You will hear Mary’s voice at the beginning, then the voice(s).   MaryReading-male voices

(Credit for both audios — Investigator Mike Stevenson)