Biography of Mary Becker

Mary Becker is the researcher, operator, and case manager for C.A.S.P.E.R. (Center for the Archaeological Studies of Presence Through Ethnographic Resonance) with founder John Sabol.  She is the organizer and contact person for all ghost excavation investigations as well as John Sabol’s marketing agent and personal assistant. Mary produced, edited, assembled, as well as performed in a documentary entitled “Ghost Excavation at Burnside Bridge:  Going Home After Seeing The Elephant” that showcases John Sabol’s P.O.P theory (Perform-Observe-Participate).  She is also the editor and publisher of Ghost Excavation Books, Inc.™©  Mary has been fascinated with past memory presences (ghosts) due to personal experiences starting at age two.  She teamed with John Sabol where she learned of his applied scientific methodology using archaeology, anthropology, history, theatre, ethnography of communication, and logic in creating scenarios in an attempt to generate an interactive past memory presences at haunted locations. Mary has been a guest on several radio and internet talk shows, including Beyond the Edge Radio, The Paranormal View, Para X Radio, The Grand Dark Conspiracy,and Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis.  She has an extensive administrative background that is advantageous with the business side of C.A.S.P.E.R.  to include as an Administrative Aide on the Defense Subcommittee, Appropriations Committee (Capitol Hill) interacting with many from the public, all forms of media, Pentagon staff, aides, and officials, congressional members (House and Senate), congressional staff, and presidential cabinet members.  She has also worked as a Paraprofessional Teacher’s Aide to special needs children and Receptionist to prestigious Washington, DC, law firms.  Her artistic background helps in performing scenarios that began at age three with dance (ballet, tap, jazz) that continued into adulthood.  Mary also modeled, taught modeling classes, organized fashion shows, provided commentaries, and participated in the Miss Maryland/USA Pageant.  She also acted and performed in many dramatic plays and musicals. She is now writing several books about local folklore with James Castle and on her personal experiences  with interactive past memory presences to be published soon.


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